Mind Shaper
A book of Jamaican and global poetry, prose, prayers and patois
by Jennifer P. Lumley www.JenuinPoetry.com

MIND SHAPER: Faith's Pivotal Role in Altered Cultures

MIND SHAPER: Faith's Pivotal Role in Altered Cultures
by Jennifer P. Lumley


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MIND SHAPER connects us to one another in this rapid, global cultural integration. Your experiences will go from simple emoting to showing an eminent capacity to reason. Education, in its broadest sense, is found more on the outside of a classroom than within its four walls. The exploration, observation and connection to the things that attract our attention the most, are the things that free us from the bondage of not growing to our full potential.

The hardship we 'suffer' in a classroom, however, often gives us the fortitude to create a healthy balance in making choices in the future for ourselves and the minds that we will shape.

Enjoy the spirit in which MIND SHAPER is written; one that brings home reality in smiles of what we know either can and sometimes will happen or serious reflection. Further, I dare readers to attempt to read BRAWTA.

                                       A FEW  POEMS FROM MIND SHAPER


Warm, kind curtain
Cool and calm
Flowing free,
Free from harm;
Shelter in the misty morn
Crown me while I move around.
Ler me hear all musical sounds.
Captivate my soul at last.
How I managed in th past
It's hard to tell, hard to know
Never ever had it flow.
Brown and black and grey and white,
Freckles showing bright at night.
Great body moves, ooh nice and slow
Fast and elegant but now it grows
On a level playing field;
A head full of locks;
Locks that at just like a shield
And thoughts, fresh ideas
Flowing forth again, brown sugar,
Easy-going, educated, sharing
Crazy, crazy, crazy...caring.



Naked leafless tree

Harsh winter winds keep blowing

Summoning the spring. 


Recruit the untrained minds


And teach them new disciplines.

Wasted time and exploration


Of the unknown, will cause


Further curiosity into


Unnecessary trouble and the


Perfection of the art of doing




An early start in the day, in the


Education and the whole life,


Shows vision, finds ways and means,


Encourages action...perpetually.


Knows various non-traditional,


Novel practices, evokes a higher


Mental approach, sees the end,


Knows no obstacle, builds character


From new experiences and looks again


For another eighty six thousand four hundred seconds


To elaborate and stabilize


The generation coming forth,


In preparation for a new day


And a different battle.    


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