Mind Shaper
A book of Jamaican and global poetry, prose, prayers and patois
by Jennifer P. Lumley www.JenuinPoetry.com
News and Events


I'd like to say a very special thank you to all who

participated or had me participate in any of the

previous MIND SHAPER events. I hope that the

experiences have been as wonderful for you as

they have been for me and I look forward to

sharing my new book, STILL LIFE as well as my

'Spiritual Selection' and 'Sweet sweet Jamaica'

spoken word CDs with you.



Photo Credit M. Fletcher

First picture (l-r) Mrs. Winsome Hudson, Dir of Nat'l Library of Ja, Jen Lumley, Author & Ms. Valerie

Francis, Acquisitions Librarian at 'Readings in the Park'. 2nd Pic seen with Kwame Dawes

       Jen & Kwame Dawes at E-Park

Emancipation Park in preparation for Jamaica's 50th
Independence celebrations, Kingston, Jamaica. August 2012.


Lumley at Treasure Beach for CALABASH International Literary Festival,

May 2012. 


Lumley (4th fr. L) flanked by staff of St James Parish Library

in receipt of her most recent work, RAZZMATAZZ. 5-18-12. 

Jen Lumley presents copies of her books and cds to 
Principal, Donna Redway for her alma mater, Montego
Bay High School for the Patricia Lemonias Library.


Former Prime Minister of Jamaica-Hon. Edward Seaga
& Jen at Energy Symposium hosted at UTech jointly
with the German Consulate.


Congressman Elliot Engel accepts 'Treasury of Prayers'

from the author, Jennifer P. Lumley at All Islands Luncheon.
Elliot Engel



A Treasury of Prayers 3 Cd set launched with accompanying Pocket-sized Book



Jennifer as keynote speaker at Int'l Women's Day Prayer Breakfast

seen with honoree Sabrina HoSang, COO of Caribbean Food Delights. 

    sabby and me    




The_Inspirational_Cafe launch in New York on Sunday February 12, 2012.


Another milestone for me on the St Valentine's Day weekend, Black  History Month

and a day after the passing of the Songbird of the Century, Whitney Elizabeth Houston,

whose soul I hope will find eternal rest.


Sincere appreciation to the listening audience who was responsive and supportive.

A great big thanks to Buck, the humble one and last but not least to DJ Ghetto - don't

let the name fool you!!!



Jan 15, 2012

Celebrating the legacy of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with the Clergy Coalition

of the 47th Precinct. Awards Ceremony - Greater Faith Temple Church, Bronx, N.Y. 

Pastor - Rev. Michel White-Haynes.
December 2012


The release and sale of The Christmas Collection cd featured on radio interview for Christmas.



Jen donates some of her work to the silent auction at the annual Caribbean Club Gala

Jean Lowrie Chin at her New York launch of SOULDANCE. Both Jean & Jen are Published Authors/Poets and newspaper columnists. David Heron, Jamaican playwright & actor did a few readings from his friend's newly pubished work.  



Moderator, Dave Rodney, Co-President of IMAGES Media, LLC at Ruder Finn Inc, NYC. Ambassador Audrey P. Marks also present at Lowrie-Chin's book launch.



Col. Linton Graham & Jen after the celebration of the Annual Jamaica Ex-Soldiers Association Church Service

Williamsbridge Presbyterian Church.                                      



JESA president Woods &         Evangelist Randolph Pringle's sermon-"Conqueror's Spirit"

Jen wearing poppies in at

Remembrance (Veterans') Day Service.


Bishop Preston ( Church of the Living God, Bronx, NY) & Jen at Prayer Breakfast. 

October 2011 - Volunteering for Breast Cancer Awareness



Jen interviews Joe Parisi, owner/publisher of the Mt Vernon Inquirer

on the Joe Parisi online Show at Country Kitchen Restaurant 


Jen stands with the honorees of the National Association of Blessed Billionaires: Jacques of Country Kitchen, Joe Parisi of the Inquirer 

and Mansi of Brooklyn Montessori Schools.



Capri Nugent, the new Miss JamaicaUS standing to Jen's right. A bevvy of beauties

also in the picture.   

Michael Boyd, First Runner Up in the Miss JamaicaUS  Pageant.


Jen & Mr. Solly, president of All Islands Association at their annual picnic at Glen Island Park and Casino.


Jen and the Contestants at the Miss Jamaica/USA Reggae Brunch in New Rochelle, NY

Flags representing many of the Caribbean Islands during Caribbean Anerican Heritage Month

Caribbean American Heritage Art Exhibit with artist Alfred Weekes in New York City

Artist Anderson Pilgrim & Jen at the Spring Open House Art Exhibition to celebrate Caribbean American Heritage Month                                                            


Mt Vernon's mayor presenting the keys to the city to Jamaica's First Lady, Lorna
Golding at a special reception in the Mayor's Conference Room at City Hall.


Lady Golding & Jen Lumley at reception       June, wife of Legislator Williams & Jen  





6-18-11 Bishop Garlington - guest speaker at IPMI's Annual Prayer Breakfast


Rev Gabbidon, (IPMI President) greets my Mom & sister at Prayer Breakfast 



6-16-11 Watoto Children sing in New Rochelle on ther Concert of Hope Tour

    Jen & Two Watoto Chaperones


Her Excellency Audrey P. Marks, Ambassador of
Jamaica to the United States of America and

Permanent Representative of Jamaica to the

Organization of American States (OAS) greets Jen

at the annual Friends Of Trelawney Organization picnic.
Reigning Miss Jamaica-USA 2010-2011

at FOTO picnic Anthony Wayne Park, NY.     2011 Miss Jamaica-USA contestant



Opening remarks at Yvonne's House of Soul restaurant by hostess as she welcomes audience and participants.

Board members of Barbara M. Simpson Memorial Dinner - An Elegant Affair at Eastwood Manor, Bronx, NY.

Mother's Day Function



Frankie Campbell of FAB5, honoree at the KCOB ball

This group performed the jazziest AfroGarifuna music ever heard.


Kickoff function at Beckwith Pointe, New Rochelle, NY



Special occasion at the Bass Line, Mt Vernon


4-22-2-11 (PM)

Lumley prepares to speak at the "tenebrae" evening service at the First Presbyterian Church. 

Elder Lumley seen with Deacon Baptist, the featured soloist at the Seven Last Words of Christ Good Friday church service, hosted by the First Presbyterian Church of Mt Vernon. In a three hour timeframe homilies were delivered by members of the United Black Clergy of Westchester.

Lumley pepares to host Open Mic at Yvonne's House of Soul with members of the "Poetry With A Purpose" group. 

At the Radisson Plaza Hotel, New Rochelle, NY, with the First Lady of Bible Way Church after poetic presentation and book signing at annual prayer breakfast.


Lumley seen with Jarrett, Senior Account Analyst representing ConEd, volunteer at the annual Parents Against Teen Violence Day at the A.B. Davis Middle Davis School.



At Westchester Manor with Charlene Scarlett, president of the Caribbean Club of the First Presbyterian Church hosting its 17th Annual Scholarship Luncheon. (Speaker Dr. McChesney G.Emanuel-Consul General, Antigua & Barbuda) 

A warm reception to Jen delivering 3 of her most recent pieces of poetry.


In New York City, Rev. Janice Fareed-Hardy hostess for Emotional Intelligence workshop for clergy & leaders. Mr. Rupert A. Hayles, guest speaker; President for the Center of Emotional Intelligence and Spiritual Development & CEO for Christ Church, Montclair, NJ. 
Devon Harris
Jamaica's first BOBSLED olympian.
(1988) from which movie 'Cool Runnings' was made.
Exchanging "Keep on Pushing" for MIND SHAPER.



Special guest that participated in the reading

of my poetry as I emceed the night away at

Mr & Mrs Nembhard at the Top'o the Roc

Intimate Valentine's Dinner party, New Rochelle.


Proud dad stands with his champion karate daughter

at the Baxter Karate Do-jo in Mt Vernon, NY

(See Feb. issue of Mt Vernon Today for article)

     Jazz Great - Phil Perry and Jen        Members of Phil Perry's band. 


Jen stands with Sensei Baxter as he poses with 

a surprise plaque from his students. 

Sensei Baxter and some students at Karate Party

in the Dojo, Mt. Vernon, NY

Jen on the Red Carpet Anniversary Bash at Yvonne's House of Soul.


Yvonne's daughter Sherry and Jen at the Networking Reception.

Kenny Plummer, Publisher of the Mount Vernon Today,

stands w/Jen who submits articles to the newspaper. 


Sabrina HoSang - Gracious hostess of annual Christmas staff party
Caribean Food Delights and Royal Caribbean Bakery. 

Legislator and Mrs. Lyndon Williams at the CFD and RCB party w/Jen

Kristina, receives STILL LIFE from Author, as part of her gift package.

She heads off to college to study Pharmacology.


Art display at The Lofts in New Rochelle, NY
Avon and Jen  



Coach and Jen at The Lofts

Beautiful art by Jo-Ann


Many reasons to be thankful again.

Jen as guest poetess at Prayer breakfast with Pastor Debbie

The Author seen here with Shannon's grandfather,

as her 11 years of life was celebrated with over

3,000 people at the Greater Allen AME Cathedral.

Shannon played the role of Nala in the Lion King

on Broadway, NYC. Rest in peace little one.
Jan 1999 - Nov 2010.
My salute to a STAR

A New Role Now 


Shhh! Shhh!

She has the brightest smile and a twinkle in her eyes,

Coming here as an angel that's gonna tell us something new!!!

Not about her suffering; not about her fight;

But about Nala in the Lion King; and Broadway shining bright!!!


Shhh! Shhh!

She doesn't know yet that she's gonna be the STAR here too.

Gift she is; Brave Heart we will call her.

Little Shannon; courageous and bold in the face of pain and adversity;

Preparing her for a much bigger role on an eternal stage.


Wow! Shannon...Go Shannon!!!

You stood your ground in a confrontation with death and

Shannon took that final breath and won,

When she used it to start her new life;

Forgetting the struggle and strife.


Heavenly, precious, sweet child of God;

Have you ever seen anyone fit her robe of royalty so well?

As though she already knew her role here in heaven?

The pearly gates of heaven open

And the cherubs welcome her like playmates.


My, my!

Look at Shannon now; smiling radiantly.

This is her opening night.

Already she's getting cheers; wise, old river running...just run.


Shhh! Shhh!

The curtains will open now as Shannon talks about the circle of life. 


By Jennifer P. Lumley ©


At Holmwood's function, Elmont, NY

Relaxing in preparation for presentation of

STILL LIFE at Holmwood Students Fund Raiser.
(See Gallery II)


Photo with Phyllis Stickney, (actress and author) 

portrayed in 'Women of Brewster Place" at the

Circle of Sisters-Jacob Javits Convention Center.
(more in Gallery II)



Lumley in the WVOX (1460AM) studio featured on

'Conversations with Ernie Davis', New Rochelle, NY.   

Lumley will showcase her new publication,
STILL LIFE and feature her first publication

at "Talk of the Town's" Open Mic event 5pm.


Lumley will be presenting her books at the

First Presbyterian Church in Mt Vernon, NY.




Rev. Dr. David Ireland of Christ Church, N.J.

Guest Preacher at IPMI's Annual Pastors' and 

Leaders' Breakfast in Queens, New York.


Kids In Need Inc.will host its annual

Dinner Dance and Jennifer Lumley will

appear as the Cultural Guest Performer

at 127-08 Merrick Blvd, Jamaica, N.Y.

The author and poet will have copies

of both her books and CDs available for

sale to assist in the fund raising effort.

$40.00. Details: Keith (718) 763-2960



Lumley performing live and promoting her new book,

STILL LIFE, on 106.3 at the opening of Cooyah

Caribbean-American restaurant in the Bronx, NY. 




Lumley will serve as the Mistress of Ceremonies

at the second annual Awards Dinner Gala of the

Society for the Advancement of the Caribbean

Diaspora at the Brooklyn Campus of Long Island

University - Metcalfe Hall/Luntey Commons.

Admission $65.00. Corner Dekalb & Flatbush Avenues.

Further details: Minna (917) 771-7935.

Autographed copies of her books as well as her CDs will

be on saleat the event.




Jean Lowrie-Chin, columnist in the JamaicaObserver.com

references Lumley's interview on Rev. Rose Hudson-Wilkin

in Jamaicans.com.

Her article is entitled 'Jamaica's promise and Tivoli's emancipation."



Congratulations! Your name was mentioned in an article written
by Jean Lowrie-Chin titled, "Jamaica's Promise and Tivoli's Emancipation",
about your interview with Rev Rose Hudson-Wilkin, Chaplain to England's
House of Commons.
You are like a Jamaican seed yielding the most intense flavors in the world.
You have extraordinary attributes, which I am convinced, will be leveraged
in the future.
Again, congratulations.
P. Nonet.


Details of the interrview of Rev. Hudson-Wilkin by Lumley

appeared in Jamaicans.com.


Click and enjoy.

Second Newly Released SPOKEN WORD CD - now spoken
in Jamaican. (patois)

Yuh haffi check it out!!! SWEET SWEET JAMAICA!



Audio CD - Jamaican Poetic Selections written, narrated

and produced by Jennifer Lumley.$10.00



Rev. Rose Hudson-Wilkin, Chaplain to Her Majesty,

The Queen, receives her high school lapel pin

from Jennifer Lumley, fellow alumni and immediate

past President of the Montego Bay High Alumnae

Association in N.Y.


Photo Credit M. Fletcher


(Garden Reception and Meet & Greet held at the General

Theological Seminary of the Episcopal Church, New York City.)



Lumley chats with fellow Montego Bay High School girl,

Rev. Rose Hudson-Wilkin, chaplain to Her Majesty,

the Queen and guest Preacher at the annual

Independence Service, held this year at Beulah

Church of the Nazarene, Brooklyn, NY.

Photo Credit M. Fletcher




Lumley in studio recording her second audio CD,

which features Jamaican poetry - Spoken Word,

Sweet Sweet Jamaica, from her books of poetry,

prose and patois, MIND SHAPER and STILL LIFE.



Earlier in the day, Jennifer Lumley was interviewed

on WVOX [1460 AM], in New Rochelle, NY by former

Mayor of Mount Vernon, Ernie Davis on the Ernie Davis Hour.



August 2,2010


Rev. Gabbidon (center) makes presentation of Prayer and Jamaican

flag to Jamaican Consul General, Geneive Brown Metzger, (right)

at the Annual Day of Prayer and Fasting-Beulah Church of the

Nazarene in Brooklyn, NY as Lumley looks on.


Prayer layout, flag design, and frame choice by J. Lumley

Photo Credit M. Fletcher



First Presbyterian Church officially unveiled its Lawn Sign.



Lumley, Published Author and Freelance Writer,

made presentations to graduating high

school students at Maestro's Catering Hall

at 6PM on Sunday, June 27, 2010. Address:

1703 Bronxdale Ave, Bronx, NY (718) 792-8844.

Hosted by Bronx Clergy Coalition of the 47th Precinct.



Annual Prayer Breakfast: Rev. Newton Gabbidon,

President of the Intercessory Prayer Ministry

International (IPMI) & Jen.

Scrolled Prayer centered on hand-made, pre-WWII,
Okinawan paper, desgned by J. Lumley presented to
the Haitian Consul General, Hon. Felix Augustin.

Lumley, Guest Poet/Artist, seen here with Guest Speaker,
Rev. Dr. Joel Edwards, Honorary Board Member from the UK.



Audio CD - Spiritual Selections written, narrated and produced
by Jennifer Lumley.


Jennifer Lumley will appear as Guest Poetess and Performer
at the Annual [IPMI] Prayer Breakfast to be held at the
Holiday Inn, JFK Airport,



6/6/2010 - After church, Jennifer makes mental preparations

for her regularly scheduled Sunday afternoon appearance on

the radio station- Melloradio.com.




Jen presenting one of her poems from MIND SHAPER,

at an Open Mic Evening at Lola's Tea House in Pelham, N.Y.



Jen seen here with Mr. Byron LaBeach, First Jamaican

Olympian Gold Medalist, (1952) and Vice President of

AmeriCaribbean Chamber of Commerce.


Former Consul General of Trinidad & Tobago, Ambassador

Babooram Rambissoon seen here with Special Guest,

Jennifer Lumley, at the Chamber Dinner (Bronx), celebrating

National Caribbean Heritage Month.



June 2, 2010

Bronx AmeriCaribbean Chamber of Commerce celebrates

Caribbean Heritage Month at Eastwood Manor, 3371

Eastchester Rd. (off Boston Road), Bronx, NY. Lumley

will perform at the Dinner and dedicate pieces of her

work, on that occasion, to the cause.

For information contact info@bronxamericaribbean.org



Jennifer P. Lumley volunteers to help Jamaica Ex-Soldiers,

(Jamaica Legion) by selling poppies on Memorial Day at

Avalon on the East, New Roc City and Antun's, Queens.






Jen performs at Open Mic - Deluxe Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.



Lumley does presentation at Alexis' Earth Day Party.



Books available at:




Ph:(914) 663-5161


P.O. Box 376, Fleetwood Station, Mt Vernon, N.Y. 10552, USA


            Photo credit J. Lumley

*Member of Poetry.com & International Society of Poets
*Member of the Caribbean Literary Salon

ISBN: 978-1-4401-3090-8 (sc)
ISBN: 978-1-4401-3091-5 (ebook