Mind Shaper
A book of Jamaican and global poetry, prose, prayers and patois
by Jennifer P. Lumley www.JenuinPoetry.com
CDs - Spiritual Selection

                                   Spiritual Reflections CD


In a world of hustle and bustle, where you are constantly on the run to do another chore, there is an alternative to sitting down in order to read a book. It is my audio CD that offers you an opportunity to listen to the words of comfort and hope, either while you drive or while you are at home completeing yet another task. I trust that you will be more than satisfied with this compilitation of spoken words.      

                                      Spiritual Reflections CD




CD Playlist     




1. Mind Shaper

2. Peace Forevermore 

3. Christmas Time

4. Mind Shaper - Reverend Glenn

5. My Relationship With Christ

6. Standing Steadfast in God's Word

7. Little Candles

8. Who Wants This Life

9. Earthly Angels

10. God Is

11. A Day Without Prayers

12. Waiting to Pray

13. One Quarter of a Day 

14. So God: A Creation Conversation

15. Knowing When To Be Silent

16. Seasons 

17. Let There Be Light

18. The Spirit of the Dollar

19. I'm A Mother

20. Make it Your Home
21. The Amount of Time I Do Not Have

22. Still Life - My Lord's Sacrifice 

23. Sharing God's Gift

24. Rhythm or Mood

25. The Maker

26. Mind Shaper Outro  




Significance of the Butterfly on the Spiritual Reflections CD


The butterflies on the CD are of great significance to me. Apart from being free- spirited, frivolous, fluttering, distinguished and colorful, the butterfly is a lepidopteron; the type of insect, which at an adult stage, has four wings that are covered with tiny scales.  


The butterfly, formally called the 'flutterby' and known in Spanish as a 'mariposa', represents to me change, transformation, growth, maturity, newness, and metamorphosis.


There are four significant changes that occur before you see a butterfly. At first there is the egg, which then becomes the larvae or the caterpillar. Soon however, it becomes the chrysalis sitting still in a dormant, cylindrical shape before unfolding into a beautiful butterfly.


There are three main body parts on a butterfly; the head, the thorax and the abdomen and three pairs of legs. It has two large compound eyes, which to me represents the new perspective that one has as a butterfly and the ability to see the big picture in a different way. It represents an awareness and an enlightenment that is realized only as a butterfly; an awakening that could not have happened as a chrysalis.


The butterfly plays an important role in assisting pollination to take place. By depositing pollen on a flower or plant, the fertilization process will begin. Similarly, when one that is learned or enlightened or has undergone some kind of change, one has the ability to plant seeds of learning in the minds of others and allow them also to be awakened or conscious.


 The butterfly is known to withstand hurricanes and strong winds and can travel tens of thousands of miles over continents, before ever dying. The life span of a butterfly is said to be still uncertain.


 Do enjoy this little piece of Sweet Sweet Jamaica!




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