Mind Shaper
A book of Jamaican and global poetry, prose, prayers and patois
by Jennifer P. Lumley www.JenuinPoetry.com


STILL LIFE: Capturing That Special Moment in Time
by Jennifer Lumley


                   Cover design by Maurice Fletcher

STILL LIFE  is the second instalment in a series of rich and exciting short stories and poems. It culminates a journey that has spanned some thirty years of writing and captures that special moment in time by richly depicting realistic perspectives. Despite the variety of personal experiences, it is STILL LIFE!!!
A few poems from 'STILL LIFE'



I did not put my prayers

On today's list of things to do.

My day went totally upside down;

My mind felt that way too.


At work, I had the toughest time.

Clients were all dissatisfied.

They're usually quite easy to please;

Today I simply cried.


I did not put my prayers

Not even in my head,

Or whispered 'Thank you' to the Lord.

No word of gratitude said.


I barely avoided an accident

But couldn't avoid road rage.

Then stuck in traffic for hours;

My car felt like a cage.


I did not put my prayers

In my children's hearts and minds.

Now finally home, it's like a zoo,

Everything was hard to find.


I will never again leave my prayers

Dear god, they mean so much.

You take my cares and all my fears

Just because I was in touch.







Those striking little politicians,

Who go around seeking votes;

Promising to change the world,

By taking notes and oaths.


Smiling with babies and old ladies,

Climbing the ladder another rung;

Appearing in places they'll never revisit;

Singing songs that were already sung.


What if they should be examined

And seen dishonest to the very core?

How come the public simply votes,

Without ever really being sure?


Has it become a prerequisite,

To be a thief or an extortionist?

A willful liar in or out of court?

A bump, a sore with puss or a cyst?


Society should not be so infested,

With behaviours so patronizing;

And chaos, and madness and mayhem.

Frightening and antagonizing!


[Written in Jamaican]

How very wandaful it is fi know

Seh mi go a school an pay attention

To maths an science ca dem important

But wah me always love is the elocution.


Clear, distinct, expressive speech,

On Litany or concise articulation,

Mix wid a drap a Spanish or French

Or German fi extraordinary execution.


So if mi shoulda go a any restarant

Y mi quiero mi cake a la mode

Dem betta serve it up pronto

Cause a nuh like mi a talk inna code.


Den wen mi tell mi fren bon apetit,

It nuh mean 'bun up yuh teet', oh dear!

Warsaw Concierto discussion end up,

As' walk sharp and shelta'; au contraire....


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